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About PRM Homestay Services


Our Story

LTG-Premium USA International Co., LTD. as PRM HOMESTAY SERVICES established April 16, 1993 in the State of California engage of doing business as a premier Homestay provider for international students.

PRM Homestay connects the World as one family.  We are family wherever you go; there is someone who can take care of you.  Learning the English Language is just one part of sharing our culture.  Living with a “host family” can help you learn English faster and is a safe place away from home.

PRM Homestay encourages the local community to host international students during their studies here in California. We work with foreign recruitment agencies, tour groups, universities, school districts, and educational organizations to assist in procuring housing solutions, short term, and long term.

We’re blessed to serve the Homestay needs of thousands of international students coming to America.  Our Homestay program offers exchange visitors to expereince cross cultural activities that will expose them to American society, cultural, and history.

 Mission Statement:
PRM Homestay Services promotes cultural exchange through the American homestay program. Whereever you may go, there’s a PRM host family that can welcome you into their American home!

We will strive to be the premier homestay provider in California by providing reliable, high quality host families so visiting students can have a positive rewarding experience.

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